Hone your art, while we embolden your network.

Performance Marketing is practically Relationship Management & deals with the inner circle; Publishing/Licensing Deals, Live Appearances, Publicity, & Advertising Performance.

Establishing mutual beneficial agreements within your network raises your net worth, and wins you the contracts you deserve. Whether you’re a musician who is looking to get booked for more performances, a vendor who’s interested in selling goods, or a healer who is interested in providing healing -- there are contacts, contracts, & performances you must deal with. We take the flack out of the business letting you focus on honing your talent while we fill your calendar with meaningful engagements. Over time, your alliance base will grow to be your most valuable asset․ Beyond working with your existing network, we also actively identify new performance opportunities & new alliances to form mutually beneficial agreements.

  • Booking

  • Publishing Deals

  • Copywriting

  • Public Relations

  • Marketing

  • SEO/Advertising


Visual Language that Captivates your Community.

Presentation Management is How your Brand is Perceived by your Target Audiences & Niches Within your Sphere of Influence on your Chosen Content Distribution Platforms.

You want to be distinguishable from the crowd, we assert your content should be recognizable as its own entity, this is why it’s important to have an epic visual language system that only your brand is associated with. A visual language that characterizes your story, your talent in a way that truly stands out. This is best communicated through your Brand Identity which we help design. Sure you’ve been to a fair, a festival or even downtown. Surrounding you is vibrancy everywhere, innovative patterns & color schemes. You may walk into an art gallery or a musical venue & be surrounded by a completely different ambiance. This is your competition. If you’re not creating an ambiance around your talent. Then you can easily blend into the world just like many overrun new talent every day.

  • Brand Design

  • Video/Photography Shoots &

  • Editing

  • Graphic Design

  • Custom Content Creation &

  • Scheduling

  • Advertisement

  • Audio Engineering

Connect on Demand to Your Creative Flow

Flowability Training is essentially Flowstate Training & deals with your (empowered) self; Life Coaching. Nutrition Coaching, & Alternative Therapy’s  

    The Flowability key will ensure you maintain great health & wealth in the face of the changing tides of your artistic career. Being a full time artisan is challenging work to maintain growth. Optimal health is paramount for optimal performance on a day to day basis. We link you with a personal wellness coach to connect you with the best wellness professionals to create tailor made nutrition plans, meditation training, hypnosis, yoga, and other practices for optimal lifestyle. We also help train you on financial skills so you may maintain & grow your financial assets.

  • Consultation

  • Life Coaching

  • Meditation

  • Nutrition Planning

  • Hypnosis

  • Fitness Planning

  • Sound Healing