Amped for a special announcement, you hop on your digital soapbox to share a thoughtful post with your community…


crickets bro.jpg

Just a little support, that’s all you wanted…

Only 10 people?!?

After the precious time spent to write the post, make the release, and tag all your friends..

It’s hard to feel good about these results…

As you try to comprehend what could have went wrong, you may get mad,

But the true culprit isn’t you!

It’s the system…

A system that favors the already popular and thus there lies your block to success.

With so many pages and channels to follow, so many posts on the news-feed: how are you supposed to stand out?

You’re more than just an apple on a tree!

Though, you might feel like it’s easy for your fans to just pick you out of the bunch.

If you truly stood out as an artist to your target audience, consider the leaps you’d make. 


As you scroll down your news-feed, what you see next just adds to the anxiety…

You can see photos of your happy friends get the gigs you want and be surrounded by attractive people...the envy creeps up

To get to this point in their life, it might look easy though you know there’s more than meets the eye. 

Deep down you know that everything good comes after a challenge. 

And as you pay attention to your life, notice the special challenges you have that they don’t.

No road is the same and so when you’re on point, on your path consider what could possibly arise for you.

When you stand out and command attention, notice the ways your life will transform:

As your unique value has been further established, just picture the PERFORMANCES YOU ALWAYS DREAMED OF.

When your image is clear as day, imagine the hands off social media FREE TIME TO FOCUS ON YOUR ARTISTRY.

No more attempts to convince promoters to book you, they’ll be stoked to approach you.

Maybe then you’d be an inch closer to quit your day job, don’t you think?