Find Your True Direction


Picking the right course is key.


And releasing your cutting edge works to the masses can be tricky.


Move without strategy, and you may get caught in a trap…


But if you’re always paralyzed by the fear of exploitation, how are you supposed to progress?


There are countless courses to teach you how to market yourself…


But, after finishing the courses, analyzing the market, hustling tirelessly…


Will you feel as passionate about your work?


You can chase the perfect marketing strategy, wasting your time & money


Or… you can explore a custom artist development solution designed with your needs in mind


What’s included?

- Identify your position & marketability.

- Illuminate hidden hurdles & smart growth tactics.

- (1) 250 word mini press release to highlight your current artistic value

Before the consult, we conduct a full channel review of your public & private material to better show an understanding of your artistry & it’s impact.


Are you ready to bring your personal treasure to the world?


Your greatest creative expression lives within you...


At only $55, for the knowledge to best impart your works to the world, you’re saving both time & money.


If you’re unsatisfied, you’re guaranteed 100% money back.


There’s only 24 hours in the day, and only so many artists we can assist.


We trust you’ll make the right decision.


PS. If things feel like a good fit for all of us, we'd love to discuss a partnership.

Huge shout out to Center Talent, coming into my life recently, offering their business consulting services, invaluable experience in the realm of brand / mood boarding, marketing guidance, website and graphic design.
— Zsuzsi Kappas of Aquatic Bliss
....Center Talent helped me target a specific audience and help me grow my following on social media among other services. like branding consultation & facilitating 3 day tour..
— DJ Agent Orange

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