We’ve custom designed these consultations for swift activation of your highest potential. Each consultation includes a certain time interval with a trusted service agent to outline a clear road-map to your KPI’s Each consultation covers specific aims: from your digital presence to your production habits to your national marketing strategy & accompanying promotional tactics. Whichever target domain, after these consultations you’ll have vastly improved quality assurance for better performance.

Per-Use Oracle Packages

We’ve custom designed these Oracle Packages for the three primary specific deliverable we’ve heard from emerging creators. From a 3 page custom press-kit or product brochure to generate better performances to more a promotional video to generate high traffic to your page. Maybe you’re calling for a high attention retaining website or click funnel to sell your product more efficiently. Each of these packages include necessary elements for each aim.

Nu-Renaissance Packages

We’ve designed our signature package to insure a smoother journey for devoted creators. How would you like to ease your low stress life while climbing the scales of high productivity? We imagine it must be hard juggling your day job & your creative hobby. Each package allows you to sleep soundly with confidence your team is booking performances, scheduling quality content, keeping engagement high & ultimately improving your flowability. These packages are designed for the full spectrum of creatives: local resident creators (the club package) with starting revenue to internationally traveling talent with higher revenue (arena package).

CT Renaissance Package Price Tables.png

Content Add Ons

We’ve designed these content add ons to lend you ammunition to reach your goals. More fascinating visuals? Improved site copy? High quality photo shoots & video shoots? We’ve made these add ons affordable for devoted creators.


Wellness Packages

We’ve designed these wellness packages to help creators optimize high functionality. From helping you attain your fitness goals to massaging out uncomfortable tension from your body. Your dedicated wellness agent will ensure you receive world class healing and high performance services to make an efficient ascent to success.

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