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A Professional Logo Design is what sets you apart from the amateurs. Define & Refine your mark to build a reputable and distinguished brand. Once you have established your particular stamp/ logo, your brand will be perceived as real, tangible, and professional.

You can then trademark it and be considered legitimate. Having your designs consistent and “on brand” across all platforms elevates you to a comparable status with the professionals who are already established within your field of endevours and the market currently.

After you have went through with the process, your community will be able to easily SEE you and become supportive patrons!

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  • Aesthetic Consultation

  • Typography Research

  • Up to 12 Hours of Design

  • 3 Logo Variations to Choose From

  • 2 Logo Edits/Revisions

  • Progress Updates

  • 1 Final Full Black & White Logo

  • Assets Exported in All Sizes

  • High Quality Vector Format

  • Original Art Illustrator Session Files

    *** Full Colored Logos Available

    at Additional Cost.


The Process

We first conduct a stylistic/aesthetic consultation along with a Q&A session to discover what makes you unique. After we define your brand’s characteristics, your personal designer researches typographic styles that fits you best.

Within the span of the consult & research stage we develop guidelines & your preference of artistic direction, then are ready to begin the actual design phase!

Your Logo is designed in one color (monochromatic), with three variations at which point we will discuss edit suggestions if need be & the final stage of refining your new professional logo begins. Are you ready to make your mark and stand out?

Get in touch with us today to move the process forward!


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