Our Mission


Center Talent is a sacred-economics based company.

We guide authentic artists to prosperity.

Our custom solution is composed of orchestrated marketing campaigns, real-world business dealings, and regenerative wellness regimens.

All to ensure a better future for artists.

Our System of Values


Artist development companies hold exhaustive artist rosters yet lack personal connection with them.

Oftentimes the managers are the only ones aware of their aesthetic and vision.

Our approach differs.

Each artists core team is aware of the artists vision, aesthetic & promotional strategy.

This assures the best success in the best time frame.

We see beyond the dollar signs & take time to understand and appreciate the artists as people.


Producing a record, a breakthrough product or exposition requires surrender.

Yet, often this act results in creatives tripping on their laces to expose their work.

As an antidote, we perceive artistry as a process of alchemy.

Our work is putting together the content like puzzle pieces to create a grand campaign.

This process assures a well-presented final product to their key audience.

Thus, a successful campaign.


Management treats artists based on how well they communicate.

A lot of time artists aren’t even aware of what they even need to be the highest performing optimal beings.

We give creators an assessment of each respective domain before we work with them.

Our holocratic model like Zappos consists of delegated roles and responsibilities.

In each domain from Performance Coordination to Wellness Management.

Our artists get the best treatment.


We pay close attention our artist's environment.

It’s important to us that artists are in a healthy environment to best channel out their creativity.

Otherwise they're distracted with fantasy & unfulfilled expectations.

Fantasy resorts to substance abuse to stay afloat when the going gets tough.

Having a nurturing environment is key for long term success.


Wellness is key for artists to thrive.

We help artists leverage unrestricted resources.

Their inner resources, outer resources.

A stressful artists life.

Dealing with doubtful partners, & managing the demons of their past.

Easing stress is one of our highest priorities.

We ease stress by using high frequency therapies.

Therapies such as sound healing, meditation, & hypnosis.


We use the incredible power of storytelling to inspire, captivate and marvel culture.

Story’s since the beginning of time have been the core of society.

From the myths of David and Goliath to Homer & The Illiad.

Storytelling has unified communities to support initiatives and even people with ill will.


Great artists have lead great legacy’s.

The grand audiences of fans and supporters don’t take kindly to having their memories wasted.

They only get so much time in their life of things they can hear, see, touch, smell or taste.

It’s crucial we ensure impressive experiences with the talent we represent.

Staging our creators with excellence to ensure impressive immersive experiences.

We use storytelling to inspire comm-unity.


In ancient times, all a creator needed was a loyal patronage.

Now, in the digital age you also need a strong confederation.

A confederation filled with business people with performance venues, distribution chains, & merchandising companies.

Most of creators alliances are within these few domains.

By building rapport & negotiating symbiotic agreements, we form stronger alliances.


It’s best to coax or encourage opportunities to approach you vs chasing after the wrong ones.

It's insane for one to know which doors to open, it’s like a mirror house.

Understanding prime opportunities are the first step.

We vet & pre-qualify the best opportunities for your artistry to prosper.


One of our most important tenets is coaxing chaotic forces to come together

Predicting trends and forming bridges to make the passage home safer than before.

Strengthening networks is easier than creating a digital group or chatroom.

We unify groups through compelling content.