…and to navigate the rough terrain of the industry , you need one thing that most people aren’t talking about.

The proper vehicle, that vehicle is your brand.

Thing is, building a BRAND is not a cheap endeavor.

Not everyone can afford the time to design their impression.

In modern times, major labels pay on average 500k-1m to put an artist into the public eye.

Do you really think that much money is needed to break an artist?


Before the industrial age, your vehicle to success would be your patronage.

Back then, if your artist was good enough…

Your art was made-to-order by a patron.

and you as an artist were fully valued by your patronage.

But with this simpler model, there were less creative freedoms for artists in exchange for more security.

For some of you, this is the model you’d like to return to, a secure pay check for your artistry.


Now a-days, you know it.

Sound-cloud rappers, fake plastic trees, and charlatan healers.

Like crabs in a bucket, some of you care more about your 15 minutes of fame than a real consistent impact on the community.

Without years of experience in your own presence, how would you know how your unique artistry translates to your community?

Say goodbye to local open mic's, pandering in public venues, donation healings, or bootstrap your next endeavor.

Now, you can get clear, crystal clear on your unique brand identity and the exact audience that values your work.

The audience that INSTANTLY...on cue will pull out their wallets to pay you their hard earned money because you represent something marvelous to them.

Instead of scarcity, wouldn't you like to be independent and generate your own pay checks on your own?

Wouldn't you rather invest your hard earned money into a system that regenerates your creative vision?

On the next page you’ll find out how we establish your brand and gain you momentum…because if you’re at a stand still…you’re not growing.