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Kris Tone
Creative Director

Born in Los Angeles CA and being Feathered and Nested intermittently throughout it's suburbs,  Kris Tone has

always been interested in Music and the Arts.  A Musician/Producer, Content Aggregator, Graphic Artist, Stage Hand and basically overall a Jack of Varying Trades within the Industry; Event Production has been his specialty and throughout the Last Decade he has Worked with Various Event Promoters/Producers assisting them in bringing their Events to Life across Southern California.

Having Adopted the -DIY- Mentality, Kris has studied Communications and Media for Eight Years, Mostly Self Taught he also has an Intricate Understanding of the Elements and Trends of Social and Digital Media...  Kris studied Liberal Arts, Social Sciences and Music with a Concentration in Environmental Science while attending Citrus Community College in Glendora CA, from Fall of '05- Spring 08'.  During this same time he took on internships at Swinghouse and K&E Studios where he learned the fundamentals in the art of Audio Engineering and Recording.

With an Indepth Understanding of Art, Social & Cultural Engineering,  possessing Astute Problem Solving Skills and a Passion for Helping Artists and their Creative Process, while working Behind the Scenes and Backstage making the Magic Happen; Kris is intimate with the insides of various trades in the industry. Whether it's Design/ Content Related or if You Need any Tips and Inside Scoops, You Know who to Call Upon. Most Importantly, Kris knows that it takes Teamwork to Make the Dream Work and has a strong Dedication for Your Creation! 
Having helped Construct World Record Breaking Stages and Assisting in the Setup of Such Events as Coachella, Electric Daisy Carnival, Outside Lands and Many Other Events Across the West Coast; Kris always strives for Integrity, Efficiency, Quality and Professionalism. With a Valuable Knowledge Base that translates over Adeptly to Design, Content Architecture Creation and Social Media Management,  Kris Professionally Consults for Creatives across All Categories within the Spectrum of Cultures saturating the Market currently.

He's previously Worked for Some of the Most Respected and Prestigious Entertainment Production Companies in the Industry and has Been Employed by Professional Agencies and Clients, Such as: 
Bigger Hammer LTD, Premiere (Disney Inc.),  Complete Production Services LLC, Golden Voice, Live Nation, Insomniac, James Thomas Productions, AG- Lighting, Heineken, T-Mobile and Rhino Staging to name a few.
 After having been Employed with HUGE Hitters within the Event Production Industry and also Assisting Small Business' and Start Ups, Kris has Gained a Broad Range of Experience and Resources that he Utilizes Daily for Center Talent Clients and Beyond.  Together Kris & Ben are Imaginative, Innovative and Committed in Helping Your Dreams, Visions and Brands come to Life
 and Thrive within the Marketplace.