As of a 2016 report, artists employed in the creative industry make up for only 2% of the US workforce. Artists are 3.5x more likely to be self employed than any other field of employment.

We're here to raise that statistic and create more self-employed successful artists.


The Creatives We Serve


We first help you define your brand identity, then we build out content and fill your feeds with content sequences.

We determine the best presentation across your platforms to ensure high conversion and retention rates and minimal bounce rates.

From logo design to web design to press kit design to visuals to full on marketing campaigns.

We assure that your channels convert while you hone your artistry.

One at a time, we form a nexus of patrons & contacts specific to your brand.

We find the place where your vision meets theirs and secure paid engagements on various stages to share your talents.

This includes in the digital and physical realm from collaborations to interviews to festivals to conferences.

The more your calendar is filled, the more time available for you to focus and hone your artistry.

We recognize that as a productive artist, sometimes health is neglected

We help you yield against life’s turbulence so you may continue honing your art.

We work with certified alternative health care professionals to offer regiments for artists with powerful technology like PEMF machines, sound healing, and bodywork.

This way you can travel the world while staying in great shape.

GDLK has this to say about our services.

Kevin Oroszlan has this to say about working with us.

Huge shout out to Center Talent, coming into my life recently, offering their business consulting services, invaluable experience in the realm of brand / mood boarding, marketing guidance, website and graphic design.
— Zsuzsi Kappas of Aquatic Bliss