Ready to release your next great work to the world.

90% of people never have the confidence to release their creative works, so congratulations you got this far!

But you’re not at the finish line yet, there’s still one more step to go.


And many artists who get this far, often make one sad mistake on the last leg of the race.

One easily avoidable, deadly mistake that leads to piss poor reception….

And after they make this mistake they wonder “what happened?”

The feelings of self doubt creep in. “What did I do wrong?”

What they did wrong was to hold a dangerous assumption… that their audience is just gonna “get it”. 

As if: “They’ll stop whatever they’re doing right now and dive into your latest release”…

According to an AdEspresso article:

Every Facebook user has more than 1,500 stories competing for a spot in their newsfeed at any given time.

Only about 300 of those stories are chosen to appear in the newsfeed.  

Those 300 are the “relevant” posts, according to the Facebook algorithm.

But that word “relevant”… what exactly does it mean in Facebook-speak?

Many many things. For starters, it means an ad or post is connected to someone’s interests.

Why does that matter?

As you can see for yourself, you can’t assume people will just stop everything to check out your newest masterpiece!


The masses are familiar with established credible celebrities who tell them what to watch, listen, and engage with.

The sheep won’t just leave the flock for the novel just because “you think it to be.”

So how do you tap into mass desire of the market?

YOU build your credibility with a KILLER PREMIERE…

On the next page you’ll find out how we make sure your premiere slaps,