• We share our feedback on the constitution of your works, some possible tactics, and how we'd best market this premiere. 

  • We send over a Consultation Outline.

  • We write a curated 350 word press release to show the value of your premiere, we pick a list of 5 industry insider contacts and pulse out correspondence to these contacts to lock in support for your release.

  • Finally, we deliver you a promotional premiere-ad to get opt-in from new interested fans. 


Use digital marketing right and YOU will tap into an immense force!

The average click-through rate (CTR) across all industries is 0.9%.

While the conversion rate can seem on the high side, that’s partially because CTR is so low on average.

Before you feel dejected, however, think about how many ads you scroll past and how many you click and convert on. It may not be a lot, but then you might become a loyal customer to a new brand you love.

Again, the key will be targeting the right audience and then just playing the numbers game.

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