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Benjamin McGrand

Benjamin “Zen” McGrand grew up in the great San Fernando Valley home of the Grateful Dead, The Doors, and many other massively famous rock bands.

For as long as he can remember, his fascination with music’s power to unite culture took the stage. As an adolescent, promoting rock bands gave him the outlet to observe the scenes success and failures. His involvement led him to follow the rise of "Breaking Even" a local hardcore band from performing the Whiskey A Go Go to Vans Warped Tour.

Raving by the time he was legal, he threw a monumental event for the LA Underground by uniting the strongest underground promoters of the time with his club promoter friends.- Rave On. Witnessing the abundance of failing event companies lacking culture support, he founded Center Talent to help authentic artist become sustainable artists to support stronger cultures.

In his first round of serving artists, he arranged billings, music distribution deals and managed press relations for Eric Ballew, Swords 4 Salem, and Dubflo. Later that year, he organized a three-day tour for Agent Orange DJ and helped him grow over 2000 followers in the 3 months working with him. At this point, he needed more of a team to sustain his artist's growth.

Over a two year period, he facilitated growth for several other artists like GDLK, King Felix, and Mad Cheddar Adjusting his focus to develop a solid team for artist and culture growth nationally. After bringing on Kris Tone, he incorporated brand design and content creation with these accounts and generated exceptional results in catalog growth and billing frequency.

In late June of 2017, his team was approached the challenge of putting a floating sound temple on the lake at Oregon Eclipse Festival. The Genius Sound Temple was born and within 2 weeks they raised over $4000 to fund the build by coordinating a solid marketing campaign.

After the success of the Genius Sound Temple, Center Talent has fine tuned the model.

Benjamin’s targeted suite of skills in copy-writing, sales, business administration, talent management, social media marketing, cultural understanding, and campaign management make him a great choice for managing your marketing campaigns to expand your culture and make a positive social impact.

Keep your eyes out for brand new developments...