Thinking Globally, Acting Locally: 5 Aphorisms To Live More Impact-fully

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This week we invite you to incubate on the ideas presented below. The purpose of which is to instigate a shift in your perspective of your impact ability on your community. Discover community-improvement solutions that previously were hiding in your blind spots.

If you do one good thing for your local community after reading this, then we’ve done our job.

In this weeks article, we’ll discuss the impact of great inventive designers like Buckminster Fuller & modern brands that are committing similar principles of “ephemeralization” to their local communities.  

Our hope is you can learn to extract solutions from these global ideas and use these solutions to solve local problems.


Prime Creator: Buckminster Fuller

Buckminister Fuller is the epitome of a multi-disciplinarian.

To this day, the Buckminster Foundation administers the Buckminister Challenge every year to source solutions for the world's biggest problems.

His inventive approach shifted inventors focus from quickly solving problems to performing an acute study of the globality of a problem & thus uncovering various local solutions.

There are various examples of how he used this philosophy to solve human problems, the most prominent one being...

“When I'm working on a problem, I never think about beauty. I think only how to solve the problem. But when I have finished, if the solution is not beautiful, I know it is wrong." - Buckminster Fuller

Buckminster Fuller invented the Geodesic dome that has since been used to protect humans on Mars and provide shelter to humans during disasters.

Buckminster’s Philosophy: Emphemeralization

Buckminster established these solutions because he believed that humanity could live with less, he focused or "ephermalization" or in his words “how you might provide for as much of humanity as possible given the resources that you have.”

He truly wanted to help the world as opposed to modern organizations that pretend they do publically while privately  filing their corporations pockets.

As opposed to corporate charlatans, Buckminster focused on establishing regenerative systems.

In its essence; Thinking Globally, and Acting Locally is the concept that each individual's impact on the world ultimately matters.

Yet you're only going to see your impact on the world if you focus on a specific part, not just the big picture.. Your “good will” will ripple out endlessly and this is what is called the ancient wheel of karma.

Bridging this far out concept with reality, if we target our actions to focus on strategic benefits for the community then we'll see their impact locally.Following are 5 Examples of Thinking Globally, Acting Locally

1. The Ripple In A Pond

Ever take a stroll down to the local lake & skip rocks with a friend...?

As you watched the rocks skip across the water, I imagine you noticed the impact of the dynamic rocks as they grazed the solemn water, they cut through the flow and created a visual.

This is replicated in studies of cymatics, in fact every day the world composed of ripples or waves. If you see the universe from a quantum perspective, in reality everything is just ripples and vibrations.

An ocean traveller has even more vividly the impression that the ocean is made of waves than that it is made of water.  - Sir Arthur Stanley Eddington


You can make positive vibrations or negative ones. Though we posit the universe doesn’t distinguish between both, you can simply see it as lower vibrations attract more lower vibrations and vice versa.

This being true, then wouldn’t it be true that your words, actions and thoughts affect the universe?

A few ways you can make a better impact on your local community is to consider the impact of even your thoughts, as your thoughts shift your vibration & this is proven. Aren't smiles contagious?

Think positive thoughts about your family and friends, focus your mind on solving the problems of your community, and of course do “good will” to other to be a catalyst for positive change. Leaving positive notes, paying for a random person's meal, or helping an old lady across the street. These all will ripple out to benefit your community.


One simple way to benefit your community and raise your vibration is to invest in a Vibe system for your local community. These vibe systems are created by Bioharmonic Technologies. If you do purchase one, please use our code “ZMCG247” to help fund our various endeavors.

2. Combing The Mirror


This is a term borrowed from paranormal researcher named David Icke.

To understand this concept we must first be familiar with a couple arcane adages for instance, such as: “As above, so below” and As Within, so without”.

These Notions have found their way to us in modern day from what is commonly known as the Western mystery traditions and from ancient spiritual traditions originating from the Far East. It seems the masters of wisdom from yesteryear were referring to the holographic nature of reality as we know it.

Many Temple complexes spread upon the Earth in various locations were designed and based off of pi or phi ratios which in short is the Fibonacci sequence as it is known today (which isn't new information).

Not only was this geometry the basis of these architectural feats but many of the complexes were mapped out on the surface of the Earth to align with astronomical objects or to mirror constellations for example. What's more in regards to Fibonacci Sequence and the Phi ratio is the nature of fractals ie; every part is reflected in the whole. With these things in mind we can now get a grasp on what it means combing the mirror.

When it comes to changing the nature of outward reality, you must first focus on changing our inner reality. When you wake up in the morning and you go to the bathroom and look at your reflection in the mirror do you comb the mirror to fix your bed hair or do you comb the hair on your actual head? We use this as an analogy to how we can make a positive change around us first. Think “Butterfly Effect”.

Great solutions for shifting your inner reality are anything from daily meditation practices to engaging in spiritual rituals. These spiritual rituals will help you reclaim your inner reality. Attending sound baths, self-development workshops & going through 1-on-1 hypnosis sessions can help elevate your consciousness. As well as.affirmations apps like Think Up & meditation apps like Insight Timer or Calm or Headspace.

3. Planting A Seed

Without trees, we don’t have any oxygen…

And as we all know that which a tree is, is all contained within the seed.

Codified information essentially like human DNA.

We use “planting a seed” also as an analogy referring to small actionable steps intended to snowball and become something more and larger than it was originally.

Creating your seed is about knowing the reality you want to create inasmuch specific detail as possible. Every action you take from this level of consciousness can be seen as planting seeds.

Every year thousands of acres are cut down from the Amazon rain forest.

These rainforests hold a plethora of at risk unique species endangered by this logging.

Lifestyle brands like Soulstice serve as a positive example by developing a consumer conscious business model. Every time you purchase gear from their website you’re saving acres of the Amazon rain forest.


4. Making A Dent In The Universe

Making an impact on the world is something we all dream about.

Finding how you can specifically make an impact in the world comes down to your unique gifts you have to offer. The Japanese have a word for this process called Ikigai.

“We’re here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise why else even be here?” ― Steve Jobs

Many people aren't aware of their gifts because they simply haven't had the time to discover them.

Choosing a career path can be a daunting task.

Every action we make affects others daily… we either choose to accept or ignore this; some go to college and develop their gifts while others disregard them altogether in hopes of adding a couple more 0's to their paycheck.

Which kind of person are you?

5. Inspiring Local Genius: The Campfire Analogy

Ultimately the community starts with the individuals.

We formed Center Talent using this analogy, this mentality.

Imagine you’re out camping with your friends in the forest sitting around a campfire. Embers rise as your friend whips out their guitar to play some sweet melodies. You all sing along occasionally peering into the starlit dark night sky.

As the sense of community is resonating around the fire, the fire keeps burning. The fire is a symbol for the creative fuel of community we gather around.

This is how we see artists, the influential creators which community gathers around to support. Just like a fire needs the wood to keep growing, we see creators the same way.

“Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames” ― Rumi

But for creators to rise above compromising their artistry for a mediocre life, they need the sustainable fuel and conditions to grow.

There are several ways in which communities can empower their local creators different programs exist for different purposes.

One example is programs like The Boys & Girls Club offer mentorship support to at-risk youth.

Time and after time we've seen how providing a mentor for young kids gives them the guidance to become better people than the influences or cards dealt to them.

The journey of becoming an established creator & benefiting your community is not always a smooth one, but the path can be smoothed.

If you’re interested in hearing about how we can smooth your path, we invite you to reach out to us by sending an email with your situation & we’ll explore various routes we can help you.

Discussion Questions:

After reading this above article, we invite you to answer the below discussion questions & engage with us directly through emailing us.

We’ll sort through the best answers and incorporate them into future posts and articles.

1. If you could pick one domain, which area do you think you could make the most impact in?

2. If you'd like to go deeper, what would you do specifically?

3. If you don't know, what actions are you taking to explore the possibilities?

Thank you for taking the time to enjoy this article & we hope you apply these principles to improve the life quality of your local community,

Benjamin “Zen” McGrand & Kris Tone of Center Talent