We Design & Establish “Talent Development Systems” for Creators & Assist in Activating their dreams.













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“These guys are awesome. Gave me a free consultation and it really helped me see things clearly. Will definitely be working with them again!! Recommend to any business owner stuck in the marketing department.”
— Dartanyan Kane
“Happy there is an organization out there that is willing to help organize and artists life.. and how they put out the music they make! Its an essential part of the process and I really appreciate the transparency and authenticity in what is being offered by Center Talent!”
— Daniel Kaplan
“I feel more confident than ever now. As an entrepreneur, they helped me find my brand’s identity, and improve on areas that were unidentified, ignored, or underdeveloped.”
— Victoria Imtanes

Click on the video above to learn more about how we do what we do & what is possible when we work together to create a more beautiful and sustainable tomorrow for artists, artisans, and the world!!!

If you’re a devoted artist ready to take your career to the next level – we're ready to help!

Over the past thirty-six months, we've assisted hundreds of creators…

Following our assistance, each artist has made huge personalized leaps!

We're inviting you to advance your artistry by applying for our initial low-cost consultation made affordable to all creators.

It's a small investment, and how can you expect others to invest in your artistry without investing in yourself?

For the cost of a normal lunch, you’ll get a crystal clear understanding of the practical steps needed to streamline your artistry:

  • THE SIMPLE KEYS to target your primary audience.

  • HOW TO EFFECTIVELY ENHANCE your production flow, book more frequent & better engagements & skillfully market your art.

  • A COMPLETE CUSTOMIZED STEP-BY-STEP SOLUTION for you to up-level your artistry in 2019!

And best of all....

After we outline your goals and vision for the coming year, our team will assemble a customized action plan for you. 

PS. Normally, we are booked 4 weeks in advance, but we’ve opened up a few spots this week so that you can get a jump on 2019!